Top 5 Reasons Dads Are Failing

Well hello there person who doesn’t think dads are failing.  How are you?  I’ve been waiting for you, impatiently, but waiting nonetheless.  You are the person that I’m trying to reach most.  There are some things you need to understand and hopefully correct before its too late.

I’m new to the whole dad thing.  I’ve only been in the game for a little less then a year and a half and I only have 1 kid.  Not long enough you say?  Well I have news for you.  I don’t have to be a “seasoned vet” to see that some changes need to be made.  I have eyes, ears and a whole lot of common sense and one trip around the calendar was enough for me to notice some things need fixing.

Here are my top 5 reasons dads are failing.

  1. YOU’RE FAT.  Not all of us but most.  I live in Kansas which is routinely at the top of the list for obesity and one look around will be worth way more than the few hundred words I could write about it.  The problem isn’t that you like to eat.  The problem isn’t that you don’t find time to workout.  The real problem with this is your children will emulate you.  Don’t believe me?  Read this.
  2. BE HOME MORE OFTEN.  Oh, you have bills and need to work?  Me too.  Your boss is a crazy workaholic and expects the same from you?  Make sure your productivity is high throughout the day so you can leave at a reasonable time.  Your family comes first.  Try and create a schedule that allows you to be home more often before everyone is asleep.  There’s an art to balancing work life and home life and too often we lose sight of which one is the priority.  Watch this.
  3. LET THEM PLAY.  Too often parents are trying to prevent their kids from being kids.  Don’t try and make your kids grow up too fast.  Being an adult is for adults with responsibilities.  I know we long for the days we could run wild and carefree.  Don’t take that from your child.  As parents one of our jobs is to protect our kids, but sometimes that can be a detriment to their development.  Let your kids go outside and be home by dark.
  4. BE THE BUMPER.  Ever been to a bowling alley and seen some kids playing bumper bowl?  Now picture yourself as the bumper and your kids as the ball.  Let them go right and go left until they need bump back to the center.  Are they going to do things right all the time?  Of course not, they’re kids!  I commonly see parents chastise and ridicule their kids for veering off path when a little redirection is all they need.
  5. DONT BE AFRAID TO SHOW LOVE.  I get it.  We have an image to uphold and we can’t be seen as soft, snuggly teddy bears.  But at home, with your children, it’s ok to hug, kiss, tell them you love them.  Hell I give my 17 month old son foot rubs when putting him down for bed.  Show your kids all the love in the world.  Best advice I’ve gotten thus far?  Hold them as often as you can now because in a little bit they wont want to cuddle with dad.  Take advantage of the time you have with them.  Soak it up, I wont tell.

There you have it.  I hope I wasn’t too rough on the first blog post!

Love Always,



  1. I agree with a lot of your thoughts in this article. As a healthcare professional, I would say that there is definitely a problem with food, though. I know it becomes easy to blame obesity on lack of activity, but I would argue that the reason we are in an obesity epidemic is because of our Western Diet. I remember growing up playing sports with my brother. We were close in age (1 yr difference) and played all the same sports. We stayed outside from sun up to sun down. We were incredibly active. But, as luck would have it, I was fit and he was fat. There was no difference in our activity level. It is important for parents to be active with their kids, I do agree with that. But I say lets start addressing the diet before it becomes an issue. It is easier to push away 500+ calories then it is to burn it off. Thoughts?



    1. Hey Joe, good points! No, activity level is not the sole reason we’re seeing an increase in obesity and the western diet is definitely a contributing factor. You and I were really active and I do think that I struggled with weight gain mostly because as we aged I had poor eating habits such as overeating, poor food choices and just general lack of nutritional knowledge. Also growing up we didn’t have computers, cable TV, anything “smart”, tablets, cell phones, etc and I would argue that with the rise of technology came the decrease is “optional activity” levels. I also think dads in general are setting poor examples of food choices and nutritional education is very minimal from what I can tell.



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